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"Our company is ready to implement projects on construction of plants for deep processing of grain, soybean crops for starch, proteins and other substances on the territory of Samara region. These are very profitable productions, and these products are very popular in the world market. To implement these projects we are ready to develop appropriate investment programs and to attract investment up to 100 million dollars", - said General Director of "Star Overseas Ltd" Atul Upadhayay at the meeting at the regional Ministry of agriculture.

Along with the projects of deep processing of grain and production of pectin, in the course of the meeting the sides discussed prospects of construction of a poultry farm, a pig farm and two dairy farms with the participation of Indian capital. According to the Head of "Star Overseas Ltd", the company also expects to purchase wheat, chickpeas, lentils and other grains in significant volumes in Samara region. "We are also ready to grow grain crops here on a contract basis if they met the necessary arrangements," said Upadhayay.

"Samara region has an opportunity now to organize supply of grain products and sunflower oil to foreign markets, and during the implementation of investment projects, we will be able to supply the market with meat and dairy products. In this regard, the interest of such a large country like India is extremely important for us," - said the first Deputy Minister of agriculture and food of Samara region Roman Nekrasov.

A visit of delegation of Indian companies to Samara region was the result of agreements reached by the representatives of Russian region with partners from India in the framework of the Russian agricultural exhibition "Golden Autumn-2016", held in October in Moscow.

The company “Star Overseas Ltd.” is a diversified company with representative offices in India, UAE and Europe. Since 1994 the company supplies the Russian market with equipment and packaging materials for food and pharmaceutical industries. The equipment offered by the company is intended for small and medium-sized representatives, private agricultural producers, farms and allows processing and packaging products, bypassing dealers and brokers.

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